Headquartered in Miami


State-of-the-Art Clinical Laboratory

GenoSUR is headquartered in Miami at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), one of the largest and most prestigious technological business ecosystems in the United States. The company’s administrative offices and clinical laboratory are located here.

At its high-complexity, CLIA- and COLA-certified clinical laboratory, GenoSUR provides clients lab analysis and diagnostics services, GenoLAB, including COVID-19 sample processing and reporting. One of its most in-demand services is The 4-Hour Lab™ COVID-19 processing solution, which provides same day results within 4 hours. Thousands of coronavirus samples have been processedat the lab using GenoSUR’s NonaAmp™ technology.


Manufacturing Facility

GenoSUR also owns an FDA-registered medical device manufacturing facility in Santiago, Chile. The 20,000-square-foot site, established in 2017, is ISO 13485:2016- and ISO 9001:2015-certified and employs more than 100 scientists, technicians, and support employees.

The company’s best-selling products, SafeSample™ and NonaAmp™, are manufactured in Chile.