What is NonaAmp™?


NonaAmp™ is our patent-pending technology that allows for direct rRT-PCR or PCR from specimens collected in SafeSample™, our transport solution. Coupled with SafeSample, this technology bypasses the nucleic acid purification steps and reduces the biosafety requirements in the lab processing, thereby significantly reducing the complexity of the workflow and processing time.

Used in conjunction with GenoSUR products, NonaAmp reduces the complexity of the DNA/RNA detection process, which means faster processing times, less equipment needed, reduced possibility of cross-contamination due to elimination of the RNA purification step, and ultimately reduced chance of failure. This simplified, less complex workflow is ideal for mobile units.

Save time
Save Time

Allows labs to turn results around in 4 hours.

Save money
Save Money

No need for expensive equipment (e.g., no Biosafety Level 2 Containment System or RNA extraction system required).

Eliminate RNA purification process
Eliminate RNA

No need for an RNA purification workflow. Save space and resources. Improve quality control of RNA purification process.

Higher success rate
Higher success rate

Lower complexity means a lower chance of failure.

Mobile-unit compatible
Mobile-unit compatible

This simplified workflow can be run in a mobile unit.