GenoSUR’s MobiLAB Services and
Diagnostic Advantage

Organizations interested in the processing of collected samples, our MobiLAB services are right for you. There’s no such thing as an inaccessible or remote location with our mobile units. Get 24/7, 365 SARS-CoV-2 rRT-PCR testing whenever and wherever you need it.

No waiting for days and even weeks for results — get same-day turnaround through our high complexity CLIA laboratory. Some results in as little as four hours.

This is all possible through our NonaAmp™ and SafeSample™ technologies.

 Diagnostics work

How our Labs and
Diagnostics work

  • Whether you’re at a testing center, a clinic, or a laboratory, you collect the samples using a certified healthcare professional.
  • Drop off the samples at our mobile unit (must arrive by 3:00 PM EST).
  • We’ll use PCR machines to scan and process the samples.
  • Results are sent directly to you, to the patient, or other designee.